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Why Choose Mobiletech

Mobiletech is a next -generation computer and IT and Server support company, providing superior technical assistance.

Mobiletech combines superior talent and training with its proprietary technology to deliver superior, cost-effective server support services to individuals and small businesses. Every time a contact is made with Mobiletech the technician references the history of incidents and the customer’s profile to deliver a faster service that is personalized. Enabling less-than-one-minute connectivity with technical specialists and with the ability to schedule a session with a preferred technician, Mobiletech provides the best technical support experience.

The Talent

Mobiletech’s customer support staff undergoes an intensive training program that includes Technical Skills, and mandatory Microsoft Certification for Desktop Support Technicians. Above all, Mobiletech focuses on each technician’s ability to listen to customers as they define their problems and then communicate an effective resolution.

The Technology

Once a problem is identified, Mobiletech’s technicians use the knowledge database and a personalization engine to provide a customized service. The knowledge database grows with every interaction by capturing the customer’s problem, the solution and the specifications of the computer hardware, software and any relevant peripherals involved. The database also contains customer demographic information as well as call history so that the customer support technician can provide assistance that is specific to the individual client’s needs and equipments.

Interested in leveraging the latest technologies?

Mobiletech gives you the freedom to manage your servers remotely from anywhere in the world! Our server services let you to leverage the benefits of your resources just to meet your business objectives! And we will take care of the rest.