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Non-Profit Organization Computer Tech Support

MOBILETECH provides a Non-Profit office with complete Computer and Technology Support solutions so you don’t have to lose time looking for and evaluating various vendors. Professionally installed and custom tailored to your organization, MOBILETECH designs and supports your network to help you focus on the cause for which your Non-Profit was created. Managing a Non-Profit organization’s computer network is very different than a Corporate Network. There are numerous solutions that work well in the Corporate Arena, but not in the Non- Profit setting. In addition, there are many “corners we are able to be cut” that are totally legal for Non - Profits. Software, hardware and many services can be procured considerably cheaper through channels specifically provided for Non-Profit organizations.

It is our mission to create and provide Non- Profit organizations with the services and resources that will enable them to realize their goals and objectives. Since our founding in 1997, we have assisted in humanitarian-driven causes and the organizations who support them. We have supported over 10 Non Profit organizations in Marin County at deeply discounted rates through the years.

MOBILETECH offers the following discounted tech support services to Non- Profit organizations:

Level 1: Discounted Services

  • Offsite Data Backup (up to 2GB free)
  • Email Redundancy Plan (unlimited)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Secondary Site Planning
  • Network Needs Assessment
  • Phone Service / Internet Telecom Bill Reduction
  • VOIP Assessment

Level 2: Discounted Services

  • Network / Computer support and consulting
  • Web Design
  • Data Center Resources
  • VOIP Installation
  • Network / Phone Cabling

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